Agrozafra S.A. is a Paraguayan Business Group dedicated to rice production, industrialization, commerce and distribution.

The group is producing over 90.000 Metric Tons of Paddy Rice in more than 9.500 hectares of own production exporting to more than 30 countries in all Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle east.

The business model consists of a vertical integration from fertilizer import, rice farming production and industrialization, grain transportation and livestock.

The main Rice mil and processing plant is located in
Carmen Del Parana, 300 km south from Asunción.

The Farms are located in 3 parts :

- Ñacuti Farm is located at General Artigas, by the
Tebicuary rive, 100 km from Carmen del Parana,

- San Juan Bautista Farm is located at the departamento
of Misiones, in the city of San juan Bautista.

- Villa Hayes Farm, where the group produces over
4.500 hectares of farm land and a rice mil for Brown
rice production.


The industrial plant and main rice mill is located in Carmen del Paraná, Itaúa, known as the "National Rice Capital" 300 km south of Asunción.
It has a capacity of reception, drying and processing of 1,400 tons per day, and a static storage capacity of 64,000 tons.
Rice mill: The industry has the capacity of milling 7.000 metric tons of paddy rice per month.
Parboiling Plant:
The parboilization process is a previous step to the mill that consists of a hydrothermal process in which the rice grains still with the husk are submerged in hot water and then they are put under pressure of water vapor for 15 minutes, so that the grains are gelatinized, The soluble vitamins and minerals found in the bran are incorporated into the grain making it a more nutritious grain.

Today, AGROZAFRA is exporting to 30 countries that have been developing in the past 15 years. As a landlock country, the logistic is not the same as other origins, the majority of the business goes in truck for Brasil or in containers or barges for the rest of the world.
The company been working hard in the last 10 year in the development of the logisitic from this origin. During the experience in the Fluvial- Maritime Operations, the group have been working in reducing the FOB- Cost to get to competitive Price for our customers estabñohing a strong and reliable network of logisitic Operations.

Ports & Terminal
For the Contenerized Operations, Agrozafra S.A. use as a Base of Operations the Port of Pilar- CAACUPEMI, Also uses the Port of Asunción (Terminal CAACUPEMI, FENIX, TERPORT, PUERTO SEGURO) depends on the Shipping Lines that operates and the Port. For Bulk in Vessel, Agrozafra loads in Barges in the ports of Encarnación or Asunción and connects to the ocean Port of NUEVA PALMIRA, where there is an Transhippment station from barge to Bulk.

Shipping Companies in Paraguay

Today, the main packages uses to load rice in containers are strong 25Kg/ 50 kg bags. The company can offer this packing in diferents types of Bags such as colorful and laminated bags.
For customers that receive the rice for milling process or packing at destination, we also pack Bulk in containers with liner bags inside.
For shipment in vessel, the Paraguay rice is exported in bulk in barges and transhiped to the vessel in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay.
Retail Packing, Private Label
Agrozafra have the experience in the "Ready to Retail" concept. We have competitive prices in the Supply of Retail Products. Our clients are Supermarkets, Distributors, large importers, wholesalers around the world.
Agrozafra have been working in the Quality Stantards to supply a Packed Rice ready for Human Consuption anyware in the world with a Quality and Security in the supply chain.
Plastic Bag Options: 250 gr, 500 gr , 1 kg, 2kg, 5kg

The general Export Documents to be presented in a regular exportations are:
- Commercial Invoice.
- Bill of Lading.
- Certificate of origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce.
- Phytosanity Certificate
- Packing List.
- Quality Certificate issued by the Surveyor.
- Weight Certificate issued by the Surveyor.
- Container´s Inspection Certificate issued by the Surveyor.
- Fumigation Certificate.
- Other Types of Certificates such as NON-GMO, Gluten free, Pesticides Residues, Allergens, and others.

It is very important for Agrozafra S.A. to meet the custome's expectations and to build a strong relationship between the producer and the customer. So, for that reason, a third party inspection is a guarantee for the buyer that the rice will be delivered with the weight and quality of their order.
We Work with the main Surveyors Companies to maintain effective control of all transactions. The Surveyor carries out inspection of the Agrozafra's Rice according to the instructions of each buyer. The pre-shipment inspections establish the nature, weight and quality of each shipment. The surveyors companies that are working with Agrozafra are the following: INTERTEK, OTI, BALTIC, CONTROL UNION and others as per customer´s request.

A third party inspection garantee the quality of the rice to be delivered. By working with a Surveyor Company, the buyer is reassured that quality of the rice they order from Agrozafra corresponds precisely with the quality of the rice they will receive.


Ruta Graneros del Sur km 2,5 Carmen del Parana , Itapua, Paraguay.

Telf. +595 985 30501